Spinning On My Drop Spindle

Started to spin some Alpaca and Bamboo fiber on my newly acquired drop spindle this weekend.


The fiber is a dream to spin with and I am so glad I purchased enough this past spring to spin with from the Alpaca show here in Columbus at the State Fairgrounds.


I can wait to spin enough to make a three ply yearn to knit into a fabulous project.


My Lendrum Spinning Wheel

It is so exciting to finally be learning to spin fiber on both a drop spindle and now on an actual spinning wheel. I am hoping to start spinning on my Lendrum Spinning Wheel so that I can get enough fiber spun to learn to ply. It is exciting to know that soon I will be able to finally make a project from my first batch of homespun yarn. My hopes are to make a scarf and hat set with my first batch. Then there is also my weaving loom which I want to make weave something fabulous on in the near future. I do have several balls of single ply yarn that I have made on my drop spindle. I may use that as a start to learning to ply.

Although one of my female dogs loves to roll in all the fiber when mom isn’t looking. I think she likes the smell of the fiber. Now if I could just convince her to work the treadles on my spinning wheel for me.

Hopefully I will have photos up tomorrow of the wheel, spindle, and some of the single plys that I have made on the drop spindle.

Stay tuned for further adventures on my road to learning to spin various types of fibers.

Nancy B.