Labyrinth Quilt Top

Labyrinth Quilt

Finally finished my Labyrinth Quilt Top at the Sewing Social with several of my quilting friends this past Sunday. I am planning on having the top, batting, and backing sandwiched and ready to quilt for the Thursday night class. It was a really quick top to make. Made mostly of half square triangles and solid pieces. Everyone in the group just loved the colors in the quilt. The colors match perfectly with the owls in the border print.

Our group usually meets twice a month at our local Joann’s to work on various projects we have going. Everyone it seems to be trying to finish up quilt tops, sandwiching our quilts together, and/or quilting our quilts. Sometimes we have other various projects that each of us is trying to finish. We have great fun catching up on our busy lives, projects we are working on, how grandkids of our beloved quilting instructor (Bonnie) are doing, and munching on veggie trays and other great edibles that are brought in for the couple hours we are there.


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