Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine

Last year at the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio I saw a friend of mine, Toya of VonStrohm Woolen Mill & Fiber Arts Studio/Von Strohm Quilting and Fiber Studio, was actively using her circular sock knitting machine in her vendor area. It was really cool looking not to mention the great looking socks that she was making on this machine.

I was able to find not one but two Gearhart Circular Knitting Machines online and purchased both. Did I mention that they were both made of cast iron from back in the day!! Woohoo. Well, I traded one machine for a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom and a Ribber to go on my Studio Knitting Machine. More to come on those items later. With a lot of guidance and encouragement from Toya, I have the second machine restored and ready to use. It is so exciting to have one of these historical machines up and ready to make some socks. From what I understand, these machines were used back around WWI and/or WWII to make socks for our military men fighting over in Europe to keep their feet warm. It is so exciting to have one of these machines restored and ready to use to create some gorgeous socks. Keep watching as I continue my journey on learning to make socks on this Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine.

Cast Iron Gearhart Sock Knitting Machine